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4 Strings: Lake Placid Blue Vintage -Alder body, Morado finger board Black Vintage -Ash body PJ -Cherry Sunburst PJ -Caramel Sunburst 5 strings: 2- Vintage -Black Vintage -Cherry Sunburst 2- 24 Fret -Black w/EMG-40J pick ups OTHER BASS GUITARS 1958 Fender Prescision 1981 Spector NS 4-string Zon fretless 1963 Gibson EB-3 Gibosn EB-6 (six string) 1968 Fender Telecaster Paisley Bass Chandler Metro Baritone 1933 National Dobro Parker Fly guitar Hagstrom 8 string Music Man 4 and 5 String Stuart Spector Designs 4 - 5 - 6 String AMP'S Mesa/Boogie 1x15 combo Ampeg SVT cabinets 1974 Ampeg SVT head Mesa/Boogie with SWR Heads Gibson Skylark Guitar amp Fender Folded Horn 1x18 Ampeg SVT III Ampeg SVT Vintage Ampeg SVT 8"x10" Cabinets Ampeg ISO Vent 10"x15" Cabinets EFFECTS & EQUIPMENT Boss Flanger MXR Phase 100 Mu-Tron Korg G-5 Bass Synth Processor Electro Harmonix Big Muff Alesis Mediverb II BBE Sonic Masimizer Morley Power Wah Boost Wilson "Last Built" Basketball Custom Ibis titanium "Hand Job" Mountain Bike Wildey .45 Auto Magnum GUITAR TECH Zach Harmon

LARS' EQUIPMENT ZILDJIAN CYMBALS 14" Z Dyno Beat High Hat 17" A Medium Crash 18" A Medium Crash 14" Z Dyno Beat High Hat 17" A Medium Crash 20" A Custom Swish 18" Oriental China Crash 19" A Medium Crash 18" Medium Crash 20" Z Custom China Boy TAMA DRUMS STAR CLASSIC Maple kit 16x22 Bass 16x22 Bass 6.5x14 Snare 9x10 Tom Tom 10x12 Tom Tom 16x16 Floor Tom 16x18 Floor Tom HARDWARE (Qty) Tama Titan Cymbal Boom Stands HC104TB (8) Tama HP45 Pro Beat Pedals (2) Tama Titan HS90 Snare Stand (1) Tama Titan HT90 Throne (1) Tama Lever-Glide HH95NL Hi-Hat (1) Tama X-Hat HH95XH (1) REMO DRUMHEADS Tom Tom Batterheads D Pinstripes Tom Tom Bottomheads D Ebony Bass Batterheads D Pinstripes Snare Batterheads D Coded Reverse Dot Snare Bottomheads D Embassador Snarehead STICKS Easton Ahead Alloy Drumsticks DRUM TECH Flemming Larsen

KIRK'S EQUIPMENT E.S.P. GUITARS WaveCaster -wave machine (hollow plexiglass body filled with wave machine fluid) M-II -Boris Karloff Mummy graphic M-II -Skull #1 M-II -Skull #2 M-II -Ouija board graphic M-II -F--k You Flying V -Devil finger inlays Eclipse -w/Pushead Spider graphic OTHER GUITARS Gibson Les Paul Custom -black Fender Stratocaster S.R.V. -black Fender Stratocaster -natural finish Parker Fly All Aluminum Roswell Randy Rhoads Flying V Gibson Super 400 1963 Gold Fender Strat 1958 Gibson Flying V 1960 Gibson Explorer Jackson Randy Rhoads V -black Ibanez Stratocaster -black AMP'S Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 power amps Mesa Boogie MK IV Amp Mesa Boobie Dual Rectifier Mesa Boogie 4 x 12 speaker cabinets Mesa Boogie Triaxis preamp Marshall JMP-1 EFFECTS & EQUIPMENT Roland VG-8 Furman power strips Nady 1200 Wireless receivers and transmitters ADA MP-1 preamp ADA MQ-1 E.Q. Alesis Data Disk Juice Goose power strip Eventide H3000 SE Boss SE-50 Rocktron Juice Extractor Custom Audio Electronics preamp Multiple Foot Pedals Custom Rackmount EMB Audio Remote Wah units EMB/Ernie Ball Wah Pedals-custom Aphex Parametric E.Q. Rocktron Patchmate Bradshaw Switching System Bradshaw Patch Bay Custom Marshall 4 x 12 speaker cabinets Ascot Road cases Dunlop pedals Dunlop Green Tortex .88 mm Guitar Picks Pro-Co sound cables EMG 81 Pickups Marshall practice amps Peterson 520 strobe tuner Floyd Rose Tremelo Systems Dean Markley strings Whirlwind channel boxes Ultra guitar stands Rocktron RSB-18F pedal boards Ibanez Tube Screamer R & R road cases DiMarzio guitar straps Smokes (Cohiba) GUITAR TECH Justin Crew

JAYMZ'S EQUIPMENT E.S.P. GUITARS ESP's configured with 2 volume knobs (one per pickup) and 3 way toggle switch Black Explorer -Woodburned Elk Skull and Barbed Wire inlays Black Explorer -Diamond Plate Black Explorer -Man to Wolf inlays Black Explorer -Snake inlays Black Explorer -Deer Skull inlays Black Explorer -Dot inlays Black Explorer -Eagle inlays Black Explorer -NRA inlays Black Double-Neck Explorer -Ducks inlays Black JH-1 Flying V -Red Hot Rod flames Black JH-1 Flying V -Green Hot Rod flames w/Hot Rod stickers White ESP Explorer -middle finger inlays (1st ESP) White ESP Explorer -dot inlays (favorite ESP) OTHER GUITARS Kenny Lawrence Explorer -Father and son camping inlays Fender reissue '52 Telecaster w/Parsons-White B-Bender 1966 Martin D-28 (acoustic) Three late '50's Gibson Les Pauls (Sunburst Standard, Gold Top, Custom) 1963 Gibson SG AMP'S Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 Power Amps Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp (Stock) Mesa Boogie Triaxis Preamp (Modified) Mesa Boogie Custom Graphic E.Q. Unit Mesa Boogie Amp Switcher Mesa Boogie 4x12 Speaker Cabinets Roland JC 120 Celestion Vintage 30w Speakers EFFECTS & EQUIPMENT EMG Pick Ups (81 Bridge, 60 Neck) Bradshaw RSB-12 Switching System and Pedal Board Bradshaw Patch Bay Custom Boss SE-50 Stereo FX Processor Juice Goose Rack Power 300 Aphex Parametric E.Q. Morley Rack Mount Unit Custom Sony 820 Wireless Receivers and Transmitters Nady 950 UHF Receivers and Transmitters Ernie Ball Strings (.010-.046) Gibson Strings Dunlop Green Tortex .88 mm Guitar Picks Pro Co Sound Cables Ascot Road Cases Ultra Case Guitar Stand Peterson 520 Strobe Tuner Earth III Guitar Straps Smokes (A. Fuente) SNOW BOARDS Burton Custom 59 Superfly II 68 GUITAR TECH Andy Battye Click Here to Visit Our Sponsor Get Sponsored

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